Polar Bear Animal Spirit Pendant – Hand painted polar bear beech pendant with the word ‘Fearless’ pyrographed on the back. Adjustable cord necklace from 13″ to 27″

“There was a time when humanity recognized itself as part of nature and nature as part of itself” – Ted Andrews

Early priests, priestesses and shamans were known as the keepers of sacred knowledge. They saw every species as a reminder of what powers they could manifest in their own lives and performing rituals honouring those powers.  A concept which may seem silly in today’s world, but there are many of us, who value the world of animal spirits and their powerful influences on our lives today.

It is said we have several animal spirit guides that come to us when needed, but just one power animal that guides us throughout our lives. Keeping a totem of that power animal with you, strengthens the connection. Therefore this hand painted pendant is the perfect, unique totem to treasure.

Approx 1.5″ in length, the pendant is hand painted in oils with an animal spirit. The relating polar bear animal spirit power word has been burnt forever on the back.
Pendant is sealed with two coats of jewellery resin and finally threaded with 1mm wax cord to make an adjustable necklace ranging from 13″ to 27″

Due to the nature of this item, please avoid getting it wet

* Hand painted pendant
* Animal spirit totem
* Adjustable necklace length
* Solid beech
* Gift wrapped
* Original Art

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