Badger Art A5 80 page plain sketch book

A fabulous 80 page piece of stationery containing 100gsm cartridge paper with a 300gsm laminated cover featuring original badger art. Versatile as a journal, note book or drawing pad.

The 300gsm laminated card makes a beautiful, but sturdy cover, printed with original art called ‘Br

Brock was originally created in oils on a canvas board and this high quality print has captured the colour and texture of the original  painting beautifully.

Featuring 80 sheets of A5 100gsm cartridge paper, this item is the perfect size to pop into your bag for drawing outdoors

The use of ring bounding eases the turning of the pages consequently enabling a flat surface to work on where ever you are.

* A5
* 80 pages
* 100gsm plain paper
* Laminated cover
* Ring bound
* Gift wrapped
* Posted 1st class

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