Commissioning a pet portrait is a very personal affair and therefore a lot of time and consideration is taken in creating a bespoke portrait that fulfills each clients own personal requirements. Progress photos are supplied throughout the painting process to ensure the client receives a portrait that fully encapsulates their pet in oils.

Please find below the price guide for a single animal canvas portrait. For each additional animal please add 15%

A 25 % depostit is required to secure a portrait slot and payment plans are available

8″ x  10″   £195           10″ x 10″   £225          10″ x 12″  £250

10″ x 14″  £275             12″ x 12″  £275          12″ x 16″   £315

16″ x 16″   £355            14″ x 18″  £355          16″ x 20″  £395

Beech Pebble Portrait
(approx 6cm x 9cm)

Beech Heart Portrait
(approx 8.5cm at widest point)

Small Beech Star Portrait
(approx 8.5cm from point to point)£27.50



“Amazing artist! Our portrait of Fred is astoundingly beautiful.”

“When I received the parcel, I unwrapped it, and tried to brush off ‘stray hairs’ , then I realised these were part of the painting, so realistic!”