All the colours of the rainbow are captured in this oil painting inspired by a photo by Russ Bridges. The use of palette knife mixed in with the brush work brings the metal  and mallards to life
Rainbow Bridge - 14" x 18" oil painting of ducks in water
A 10" x 14" oil painting that shows the true spirit and wild nature of horses. This study show horses galloping through spray with the wind whipping through their manes and tails.
Spirits in Flight - Galloping horses - 10" x 14" oils
A beautiful painting capturing each and every feather of a blue tit in stunning detail. The photos really don't do the colours in this painting justice. Worked in oils on a 8" x 8" oil board and framed in hand stained ash.
Home - Blue Tit Oil Painting - 8" x 8" Professionally Framed
A 18" x 24" deep edge canvas capturing the wonderful sight of snow eese flying home at sunset.
Coming Home - Sunset Bird Murmuration Oil Painting - 18" x 24" canvas
Commission your beloved pet hand painted onto a solid beech pebble for that forever lasting keepsake.
Pet Portrait - Hand painted onto a solid beech pebble
A highly detailed chimpanzee painting by Cerysanne has been beautifully captured asa run of 25 Giclee prints on 315gsm Innova paper. Each print is hand signed and numbered with the option of being mounted 11" x 14". Both sizes fit a standard frame.
Mizaru - Chimpanzee Limited Edition Art Print 8" x 10"
Snowflake, a curious little vixen peering around the snowbank has been captured in oils by Cerysanne and now a high quality limited edition Giclee print. Each print is approx 8" x 8" on 315gsm Innova paper and individually numbered and signed.
Snowflake - Fox in Snow 8" x 8" Limited Edition Print
Patience was successfully exhibited at the 2014 NEWA and is available to purchase as an affordable limited edition print. choose from  an unmounted print measuring approx 5" x 13" or a mounted print measuring approx 9" x 16.5" ( approx size for a frame made to hold three 5" x 7" photos)
Patience - Barn Owl Limited Edition Print - Mounted /Unmounted
A wonderful painting of a polar bear standing infront of the moon now available a runof 25 limited edition Giclee Print. Each high quality print is on 315gsm Innova paper, individually signed and number and has the option of mounting to 12" x 12"
Shackleton - 8" x 8" Polar Bear Limited Edition Print
A  beautiful oil painting of a stag in the early morning mist is now available as a high quality  limited edition print either as a 8" x 8" print or a 12" x 12" mounted print. Each print is numbered and signed from a run of 25
Morning's Kiss - Stag Giclee Print - 8" x 8"/12" x 12" Mount
Odette captures the grace and feel of a swan's head perfectly and is now printed as a run of 25 lhigh quality limited edition prints.Each print is approx 8" x 8" and is also available as 12" x 12" mounte print.
Odette - 8" x 8" Swan's Head Limited Edition Art Print
Each Awaiting Game limited edition Giclee print measures approx 5" x 7" on Innova 315gsm paper and is numbered and signed from a run of 25 and  mounted in antique white to 8" x 10" to fit a standard size framed.
Awaiting Game - Stag Limited Edition Giclee Print 5" x 7"
Kumar captures all the characteristics of the jaguar in this fabulous oil painting now limited edition print.
Kumar - Jaguar Limited Edition Print 7" x 10" / 11" x 14"
The stunning Minty has been captured beautifully in this run of 25 numbered and signed giclee prints.
Dragonfly 8" x 10" Print - Minty - High Quality Giclee
A  fabulous limited edition print of Cerysanne's stunning puffin oil painting 'Supper'
Supper - British Puffin Art Print 10" x 12"/ Mounted 12" x 16"
Misty, one of Cerysann'e commission as been created as limited edition print via demand.
Misty - Tabby cat Limited Edition Giclee Print 8" x 10"
The Boss has been stunningly captured in a high quality print on 315gsm Innova paper. Each 8" x 10" print is numbered and signed with the choice to purchase the print with a 11" x 14" mount, ready to frame.
The Boss - Silver Back Gorilla Limited Editon Print 8" x 10"
An original, art deco stlye, zebra painting now captured beautifully forever as a limited edition giclee print.
Dream Catcher - Art Deco Style Zebra Art Giclee Print
Beak Cuz I Love You - An original penguin painting captured beautifully on 315gam Innova paper as a limited editon giclee print.
Beak Cuz I Love You - Pre Order - Penguin Art Print 10" x 12"
Velveteen feels like she is going to come right our of the canvas an moo in your ear in this truly realsitic art. Created lovingly on a 16" x 16" deep edge canvas this piece will be a great gift for an animal lover.
Velveteen - Stunning Heifer Art on a 16" x 16" Deep Edge Canvas
The wonderful 'Twitch'  has been lovingly created in oils and handmade paper on a 8" x 10" oil board to create a realistic piece of hare art. Professionallty framed in a brown wooden frame with gold highlights
Twitch - Sunset Hare - Original  Mixed Media Art 8" x 10"
This beautifully detailed painting captures a robin named 'Louie' having a bath in the dappled light of the afternoon. Created on a 11" x 14" stretched canvas and professionally framed this piece would make a feature in any home.
Bath Time - Original Robin Art by Wirelife - 11" x 14" canvas
A  highly detailed oil painting of a puffin caught with his eely supper in his mouth. Created on a 10" x 12" stretched canvas and professionally framed in silver to bring out the detail. Reay to hang.
Supper - Original Puffin Art by Wirelife - 10" x 12"
A  glorious mixed media painting capturing the inquisitive nature of a the British hare in front of the full moon. Created on an 8" x 10" oil board in oils and hand made paper. Professsionally framed an ready to hang
Moonlight - 8" x 10" Hare & purple moon original framed art

  Here you will find stunning originals to purchase alongside pre order limited edition Giclee prints.


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