Well... My long awaited painting of my precious fur babies just arrived.... When I first commissioned the painting I thought it would be a lovely thing to have, a reminder of how hectic but fun my life is having 4 big dogs to love, a reminder of their beautiful faces when they are no longer here:-((

When I opened my parcel, it became immediately apparent that it was much much more than that.

I have a painting that reflects the very soul of my dogs in a deep and powerful way.... Every tender detail is there, my cherished pack are immortalised in a way that no photograph ever could capture. Claire.... It's been a journey of mystery, expectations and excitement for me and I know it has been a testing piece of work for you at times. There are no words to tell you how much I love this painting, it is something that will hang on the wall of every house I ever live in, for as long as I live and probably long after my dogs are gone. It makes me smile, it makes me cry and it reminds me so much of the friend that I have made in the process. That friend has a talent that could take her far in life, her talent amazes me, her doubt in her own abilities is endearing but unfounded. She is balancing a huge workload , with other work and most importantly.. being a loving mother and wife, and producing  paintings that, like mine, are just astoundingly good.

Thank you doesn't really cut it.....but really Claire, THANK YOU. It is amazing, you are amazing. Don't ever stop sharing your gift.... It's like love on canvas for the whole world to see.... Very precious x

Sarah Armer - Lancashire 



Claire painted 4 secret Christmas present paintings for us this year, if she'd had time, I would've got her to paint more....her work is superb, & you know that she's not just in it for the money, there's real feeling in her work. We were so excited to give her paintings as presents....& there were tears! She somehow managed to capture our very important pets more with feeling than photo-realism, now that's a true artist! Thank you Claire xx

Theresa Ireton- Birchington



Claire did the most beautiful portrait of my cat, she captured her personality perfectly. Will be a treasured piece of art in our home. Thank you Claire xx

Rebecca Heyburn - Bridgend 



I comissioned Claire to do a pet portrait of my 20 year old cat, Neg when he passed away last year. I ended up having two stunning canvas painting as I couldn't decide which to choose and they were worth every penny. They are hung pride of place on my dining room wall and all my family and friends are so impressed when they see it. Thank you so much for your hard work Claire!

Alyssa Randell - Leeds



Excellent! Highly recommend.

Sharon Meenagh - Ballynahinch



Have picked up my cards and im speechless at the quality, even better looking than on the pictures online, You can see every brush stroke and all the love, heart, soul and attention still comes through as though you had the actual painting in front of you. A true mark of quality and I will definitely be ordering more in the new year xxx

Natalie Barnes - Eindhoven, Netherlands



Claire did the MOST amazing painting of my ferret athena for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone... shes a star!  

Claire Martin - London



If you are looking for a truely life like fabulous portrait of your beloved pets past or present then Claire is your lady. I have had 3 done by her and will be having more. Fantastic art work xx

Ella Perfect - Derby



Neg 2 - small Lewie - small Kyla, Leah, Jess & Shey - small Ruby & Phoebe small