Commissioning a pet portrait is a very personal affair and therfore a lot of time and consideration is taken in creating a bespoke portrait that fulfills each clients own personal requirements. Progress photos are supplied throughout the painting process to ensure the client receives a portrait that fully encapsulates their pet in oils.












Please find below a canvas portrait  price guide


8" x 10" from £195                      10" x 10" from £225                    10" x 12" from £250                        10" x 14" from £275            

        12" x 12" from £275                      12" x 16" from £315                     14" x 18" from £355                       16" x 16" from £355                      

        16" x 20" from £395


                                         To order or to make an enquiry please get in touch via the contact page.











220-600 191-600 Carbi - small 214-600

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